When it comes to traveling long distance, the vast majority of people would say they prefer air travel due to the time you save by flying at such high speeds from one spot to another. Sea travel is really more about one of two things, relaxation or adventure! In this post my focus will be more on the relaxation side because we are talking about cruise ships.

Bring Cash To Avoid ATM Machines

The easiest way to save money when cruising would be to bring at least a few hundred dollars in cash with you. The service charges on cruise ship ATM machines can be really high because they know that if you are out to sea and need cash you will use them. It’s also expected that by your waiters and other cruise members to receive a tip at the end of your cruise.

Arrive Early To Receive Incentive Discounts

If you get on your ship early you will be surprised on how many raffles and drawings there are. You can find these discounts in the spa, gym, gift shop. They do this because they have a difficult time getting customers on the first day due to people adjusting to sea life.

Arrive 1 Day Before Port and Plan To Leave 1 Day After

Many cruisers think that they can fly in the same day that they plan to port their ship. This is not a good plan due to the risk of delays which could result in you totally missing your cruise all together. The same goes for returning home. If you book a flight home on the same day you return to port, you could miss that flight due to porting delays. It may seem like you are spending more money for 2 extra nights at a hotel but it is well worth it and stress free.

I hope these three tips help you have a more enjoyable cruise and put some money back in your pocket. For some of the best cruise deals offered, check out carnival cruises, and for more money saving cruise ship tips, check out the video below by a former Carnival cruise ship team member.