There are so many great cruising destinations around the world that it can feel overwhelming to decide. In this post I’d like to list just a few of my favorites. These are in no particular order as they are all great in their own ways.


Caribbean cruise

By far the #1 cruise destination has to be the Caribbean. From Mexico to Jamaica to Barbados and many more, it can be difficult to choose which Caribbean destination you wan to see. I prefer the Mexico region, but you really can’t go wrong with any of the options. The vast majority of Caribbean cruises depart and return from Miami, FL but there are some European option.


Mediterranean cruise

Now we move over to Europe and the rich history of Europe. The great thing about the Mediterranean is that you can see multiple countries in a short period of time. From Greece to Italy to Croatia, you will feel like you are going back in time and it’s absolutely beautiful. One of if not the most popular Mediterranean cruise is from the Venice to Athens.


Alaska crusie

Let’s change it up now. Alaska can be a tough sell fro some cruise goers, especially if you live in a cold climate already. One of the most untouched places on earth you can cruise, Alaska is raw, rugged, and beautiful! From the amazing views at Glacier Bay to the spectacular wild life, you will love this cruise as long as you remember to dress warm.

The Panama Canal

The Panama Canal

This is a bit of an odd one I know, but very fascination. The Panama Canal literally transformed the world by allowing vessels to essentially take a short cut by going right through the country of Panama. It is possibly one of the biggest construction jobs in the history of mankind. As you travel through the Canal you will be marveled by the design and engineering capabilities of the people who built it and will give a new appreciation fro the phrase “trade route”.

In Summary

These are only a few of my favorite cruising destinations. If you are in the stages of shopping around for the best deals on cruises I recommend you check For more great ideas you can check out the video below. No matter what destination you end up choosing you are bound to have a great time.